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The bathtub seat makes bathing of newborn really easy. Fixe the baby in desired position with head above the water and lets your hands free. Use for infants up to 12 months of age. Metal frame with 100% cotton cover.

Classic fabric bathtub seat with metal construction and cotton cover with various designs.
Baby bathtub seat "Péťa" has a steel frame with a durable coating. Textile cover on the frame can be easily removed and washed or replaced with a new one.
The support bottom edge of the frame is provided with plastic elements to prevent paint wear and scratch.
100% Cotton Liner Cover.

The advantages of baby bath seat:

- the baby is mounted in a seat due to an ideally shaped frame
- The child's hip and head are held above the water thanks to a strong textile cover
- Plastic parts protect the bathtub from scratches
- The child feels safe, secure, relaxed and better, without stress, perceiving water
- The Seat can also be used for a seated child at a later age
- with this product you do not need to hurry up with bathing, water is a natural environment for the child.
- The size of the seat is designed to be used for 12 or more months after the birth of your child - for smaller children in the lying area, for the elderly you can also use it in a large bathtub to prevent the baby's buttocks from slipping.

Dimensions: Length: 49 cm Height: 10.5 cm Width: 25.5 cm


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49 cm
25,5 cm
10,5 cm
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